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The first travel guitar
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The ultimate guitar.
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The best

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The travel added.

Set up and play in 1 minute.
Set up and play
in 1 minute.

Play, wherever and whenever you want.

wherever and whenever.
The Mogi One is the world's first travel guitar that you can transport in a backpack along with your travel belongings.

The Mogi One is the first travel guitar you can transport in its custom backpack with your travel gear.

Ultra-compact, it meets the carry-on size requirements for trains and planes.
24-30 liters of storage

Travel with all your belongings

Carry up to 30 liters of travel gear in a separate compartment, benefiting from a cabin luggage format.
The specially designed travel bag is sold with the Mogi One.
Guitar compartment
At the back of the bag
Belongings compartments
At the front of the bag
Sustainable alternative
Carbon revolution

Carbon guitar

Wood guitar


4 years of research lead us to integrate the best carbon performance (sound quality, durability, resistance) into our travel guitar.

Designed to be taken along.
Designed to
be taken along.
Playability & Stability
Sound design
The Mogi One's sound has been developed by acoustics experts in ITEMM's specialized research laboratory.
Standard size 4/4

The full-size travel guitar provides excellent playability, comfort, and sound power with a long scale length (the vibrating length of the strings between the nut and the saddle).

Curved contours
The curves of the soundbox are specially designed to provide comfort, balance and stability to the guitar.
Thin neck
The thin neck offers easy handling and comfortable playability on the higher frets.
WoodTech ebony fretboard

The rigid synthetic fretboard does not expand or contract with environmental conditions (humidity and temperature). This ensures exceptional stability.

Double-action truss rod
The neck is equipped with a double-action truss rod that allows you to adjust the string action (height) on the fretboard so you can play the guitar according to your preferences.

Amazing sound,

No concessions.
The Mogi One delivers a rich and powerful sound that projects through the side soundhole, suitable for all musical styles (rock, blues, flamenco).
The Mogi One delivers a rich and powerful sound that projects through the side soundhole, suitable for all musical styles (rock, blues, flamenco).
Steel strings for folk guitars can be replaced by nylon strings to suit classical players. Also available in an electro-acoustic version equipped with pickups, the Mogi One can be plugged into an amp.
Microphone: Neumann KM 56
Reverb: SD3 Vermona
Studio: ZF Prod
Guitarist: Renaud Lespagnol
The ultimate travel bag.

Travel by plane, without constraints.

Cabin baggage dimensions
50 x 35 x 20cm
Height x Width x Depth
Fly to all corners of the world with the Mogi Guitar backpack, which meets the cabin baggage size requirements.
Front of the bag
Separate belongings compartment
Enjoy 24 liters of storage space, expandable to 30 liters, for your personal belongings, with additional compartments:
Organizer space
Laptop storage
Retention strap
Zipped pockets
Mesh pockets
Secret pockets
Back of the bag
Guitar compartment

Your belongings are separated from your travel guitar thanks to the protective EVA divider.

This partition holds and protects the neck and strings during transport.
The soundboard is covered with a protective anti-scratch fabric that shields it from friction with the back of the body.
The Mogi Guitar luggage range will soon be expanded with the addition of other cases: soft case, hard case, and wheeled suitcase with a telescopic handle, all suitable for checked baggage travel.
Recycled fabric
The fabric of the Mogi One transport backpack is waterproof. Thus, your travel belongings and guitar remain dry, even in the rain.
We are committed to reducing the carbon impact of our products. That's why the Mogi travel bag is made from recycled fabric, created from PET plastic bottles.
The values we stand for
Forest preservation
Forestry, which includes instrument manufacturing that accounts for 5%, threatens 13,751 tree species. 90% of the wood harvested for a guitar is turned into chips.
Mogi Guitar is committed to forest preservation by designing musical instruments without wood (mahogany, rosewood, spruce), and making them recyclable.
Made in France
As French instrument manufacturing declines due to imports, Mogi Guitar relies on local partners for the design and assembly of its acoustic guitars.
70% of the parts are manufactured within 700 km of the assembly site to ensure product quality and reduce the carbon footprint.
Committed to music

Convinced that music is a vector of harmony, we put engineering at the service of lutherie to create travel guitars that musicians truly need.

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